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Donations to GoBase.org are highly appreciated since they help us to maintain this site and its services.
Please check out the various ways to donate to GoBase.org.
(newly registered users of this site are required to make a donation as of 2008.) [2011-02-17]

Earlier we reported about 321Go.org, a little brother of GoBase, focusing on newbies and young Go players.
In the mean time lots of new course material and exercises have been added.
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news archive

John Tromp

John Tromp has answered the question Go players had for so many years: "How many legal positions can be constructed on a 19x19 board?" Well, his answer is as follows:

208168199381979984699478633344862770286522453884530548425639456820927419612738015378525648451698 519643907259916015628128546089888314427129715319317557736620397247064840935 positions.

Please read John's very interesting report.

Jan van der Steen

Mainly thanks to Andries Brouwer various Japanese tournaments have been made up-to-date.

The replayer has been extended with search capabilities. So, provided you have created a repository you can search any position while replaying Go games using our GoBase pattern search facility.

The replayer now also can be controlled using the arrow keys. See the tips in the replayer for all details.

Cho Chikun

At the age of 100 one of the greatest Go players ever died on 2014-09-30 at 01:11 in the morning. Go Seigen's legacy is a treasure of hundreds of fascinating games. He will be remembered forever.

Iyama Yuta

Who is this 20 year old who is ahead in the Meijin title match against Cho U? Meet Iyama Yuta, Japanese hope in an era where all international successes seem to be reserved for the Korean and Chinese Go players. Let's see how this great talent will develop. Replay his games on this site. The match is covered live on IGS-PandaNet.

Han SangHoon

Who is this Han SangHoon?! A young 1p professional from Korea who just recently entered the professional Go scene and is since scoring tremendously. His record is close to 90% against top-notch professionals like Cho HunHyun, Lee ChangHo, Park YoungHoon and Gu Li. His most recent success is beating On Sojin to reach the final of the prestigeous LG Cup tournament where he will play a best-of-three with Lee SeDol (who beat Hu Yaoyu from China). GoBase carries 58 games of Han,1p thus providing excellent study material to improve your game.

Peng Quan

Who's going to stop Peng Quan, 7p from China in the 8th NongShim Cup?! Five wins in a row for Peng in this three country win and continue tournament. Deciding games to be played the coming days.

Gu Li

Massacre in the 11th LG Cup. All Japanese and most Korean players are eliminated from the tournament while it's only two rounds running. Who is responsible? The Chinese talents like Chen Yaoye and Hu Yaoyu. And of course the winner of the previous edition, Gu Li. Replay the games and learn from the masters.


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15th LG Cup 2011
11th Nongshim Cup 2010Match Go
23rd Fujitsu Cup 2010
2nd BC Card Cup 2010
8th Chun-Lan Cup 2010
8th Female Cup 2010Female Go
11th Agon Cup 2009Lightning Go
14th Samsung Cup 2009
13th Tianyuan 2009
21st Asian TV Cup 2009Lightning Go
6th Ing Cup 2008
4th World Oza Cup 2008
3rd JP-Morgan Cup 2007
5th Asia Cup 2006Match Go
1st Kangwon Cup 2006Match Go
1st IGS World Rapid 2005Lightning Go


41st Gosei 2016
41st Tengen 2015
22nd Agon Cup 2015Lightning Go
34th Honinbo 2015Female Go
63rd Oza 2015
24th Ryu-sei Cup 2015Lightning Go
40st Meijin 2015
40th Shinjin-O 2015
70th Honinbo 2015
53rd Judan 2015
62nd NHK 2015Lightning Go
18th Kisei 2015Female Go
39th Kisei 2015
27th Meijin 2015Female Go
21st Pro Pair-Go 2015Pair Go


11th Maxim Cup 2010
15th LG Cup 2010
5th Sibdang Cup 2010
38th Myungin 2010
6th Korean Price 2010
15th Guksu 2010Female Go
11th Myungin 2010Female Go
53rd Guksu 2010
 Korean League 2010Match Go
14th Chunwon 2009
28th KBS Wang 2009Lightning Go
5th Electronic Cup 2008
12th SK New Pro 2008
18th BC Card Cup 2008
19th Kisung 2008
41st Wangwi 2007


22nd CCTV Cup 2010Lightning Go
4th Xinren 2010Female Go
23rd Mingren 2010
10th Ricoh Cup 2010
24th Tianyuan 2010
 Chinese Team 2010Match Go
11th Agon Cup 2009Lightning Go
6th Changqi 2009
14th NEC Cup 2009Lightning Go
16th Xinren 2009
2nd Quzhou 2008


17th ZhongHuan 2010
5th GuoShou 2009
3rd Aixin 2009
9th DongGang 2009
5th WangJia 2009
2nd Qisheng 2009
8th Tianyuan 2009
1st Licho 2007
1st Yayi 2007

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Match Go Match Go
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