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There has been a lot of interesting news going on in the Go world lately. Some really strong players have returned to actions and one 7d actually lost to 1d. Below are some interesting stories going on in the world of Go.

Sky77 to Take on All Challengers

Over on KGS, a new player by the name of sky77 has joined and quickly moved up to a rank of 9d. His profile states that he is a 7 dan amateur in Korea and wants to play go with most strong players. There is some speculation as to whether this may be Korean player Mr. Lee Ki Bong. He used to play on KGS and was a 8d player and sometimes achieved 9d status. While sky77's real identity has not been confirmed, he has already showed flashes of brilliance and should be an interesting player to watch.

Katsuma Shiro Suffers Upset to 1dan

When playing on poker websites, many people will play multiple games at the same time. Sometimes they achieve great results, and sometimes they are prone to make mistakes. Katsuma Shiro 7p found out the hard way recently when he played four games at the same time. One of those games was against TETSU2 who holds a rank of 1dan. Shiro was forced to resign the game to the 1dan, clearly an upset win by a player with a lifetime 660 - 651 record.

Significance of Shiro Loss

Unlike those that play Texas Holdem U.S., there is a greater significance between a 7p player losing to a 1dan. In poker, luck can play a big part in whether a player wins or loses. No matter how strong your hand is, if the right cards come, the weakest hand can win. In go, the skill of the players in this match a difference of at least 13 levels. While a 1dan is a low level advanced amateur, a 7p should be able to win.

For example, let's assume that a amateur boxer in college wanted to fight the current Heavyweight Boxing Champion. What chance would he have. Like none. The champion would be bigger, faster, stronger, and with a world of experience in big time matches. In a way, the Shiro match against a 1dan could be considered the same type of match.

If this was a match between a middle ranked and low level dan player, I wouldn't think it is that big of a deal. Some dans have been known to exaggerate their rankings. However, there can be little doubt here that the two players battling were of vastly differing skill sets.

At the same time, it very well could be attributed to the fact that Shiro was multi-gaming. The evolution of internet poker sites allows players to play multiple tables for a greater challenge and profit. However, players can make mistakes and lose money in this way. Could this had been the case with Shiro? If so, perhaps he needs to not multi-game so often. Then again, this could have just been a fluke game. It is likely a fluke. However, it is still a huge upset.


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