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Korea 01-31 50th Guksu title match

Young Yun JunSang is facing title holder Lee ChangHo with kadoban (one more loss will lose the title) by taking the second game with a minimal margin. Things are getting serious for senior Lee. more

Yun JunSang

International 01-24 11th Samsung Cup

The Chinese really caught up with the Korean Baduk Boom. Chang Hao, 2nd generation talent of the contemporary Go talents (1st being Nie Weiping, 3rd Gu Li) wraps up the match against Korean number one Lee ChangHo in the final of the 11th Samsung Cup. An achievement which will earn Chang Hao quite some points amongst his collegues, both domestic as abroad. more

Chang Hao

Korea 01-23 3rd ChangQi title match

Just to show how broad the current collection of Chinese talents is Kong Jie takes the 3rd ChangQi title in a best-of-three title match against Chinese leading man Gu Li. Kong is 24 and Gu is 23. The current world of Go, WeiQi and Baduk is dominated by youngsters, all eager to perform and all the energy in the world to read out the complexity they like to create on the board. more

Kong Jie

International 01-22 11th Samsung Cup

First blood in the 11th Samsung Cup final goes to Chang Hao [cn]. Against Korean prime player Lee ChangHo [kr] the game proceeds according to textbook patterns but eventually turns into a few decisive ko fights. Next game will be played the 24th of January. more

Chang Hao

Korea 01-21 3rd ChangQi title match

Kong Jie evens the 3rd ChangQi title match by killing a huge group of Gu Li. The third and deciding game will be played the 23rd of January. more

Kong Jie

Korea 01-19 3rd ChangQi title match

Gu Li takes the first game in the best-of-three title match for the 3rd ChangQi title against Kong Jie. An exciting match which will be continued the 21st of January. more

Gu Li

Japan 01-18 31st Kisei title

The title match for the 31st Kisei title is off to a good start. Lots of fighting, ko's and trades. The match is a comeback of Kobayashi Satoru on the highest platform. He is challenging Yamashita Keigo in the best-of-seven match for the highest prize in Japan, the Kisei title. Replay the game and enjoy. more

Yamashita Keigo

Korea 01-10 19th Mingren title match

Gu Li walked over young challenger Zhou Ruiyang (15), keeping the Mingren title for the third year in a row. Is Gu going to try and beat Ma Xiaochun's incredible streak of 13 titles? It seems nearly impossible in an era where a seemingly endless stream of young Chinese talents reach the top. more

Gu Li

Korea 01-10 50th Guksu title match

19 year old Yun JunSang takes the lead in the 50th Guksu title against title holder Lee ChangHo. Plenty of time to recover though for the master of Korean Go in this best of five match. more

Yun JunSang

Korea 01-09 3rd World Oza finals

We have the first world champion of 2007: Lee SeDol. What seemed solid territory turned into a huge group seeking for a 2nd eye. The 3rd game of the 3rd World Oza finals turned into a big semeai which Cho U just couldn't win. more

Lee SeDol

Korea 01-08 3rd World Oza finals

The 2nd game of the 3rd World Oza finals showed the same pattern as the 1st game: Cho U playing activily, continuously searching for the initiative. But this time Lee SeDol seemed better prepared, cleverly dodging every attack and taking points on the way. The best-of-three will be decided in a 3rd game which will be played on the 9th. The games are broadcast live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Lee SeDol

Korea 01-06 3rd World Oza finals

Today the finals of the 3rd World Oza starts. A best-of-three between Lee SeDol from Korea and Cho U from Japan. On the 8th the 2nd game will be played and on the 9th the possible deciding game. The games will be broadcast live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Cho U vs Lee SeDol

Korea 01-06 3rd World Oza finals

After a bad start in the 1st game of the finals of the 3rd World Oza Cho U manages to pull it off by sharper play in the middle and endgame. The best-of-three will continue the 8th and Lee SeDol will have to win that game. The games are broadcast live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Cho U

Korea 01-04 Lee ChangHo's 2006 earning exceed 360 million Won

The 1st place on the Korean rating list Lee ChangHo also leads the top-10 earnings with 364,227,920 Won. Second is Park JungSang and third Lee Sedol. more

Lee ChangHo


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