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Japan 11-29 55th Oza title

The challenger for the 55th Oza title, Imamura Toshiya could not turn around the flow in the match against title holder Yamashita Keigo. In the fourth game of the match things slowly slipped away from the challenger giving Yamashita a convenient 3-1 win, thus holding on to his title. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Yamashita Keigo

Japan 11-27 55th Oza title

Yamashita Keigo goes back into the lead for the 55th Oza title against challenger Imamura Toshiya. After an interesting opening Yamashita took control of the centre and skillfully used his opponent's weak groups to deliver the decisive punches. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Yamashita Keigo

International 11-23 12th Samsung Cup

Park YoungHoon from Korea joins Lee SeDol in the final of the 12th SamSung Cup. He was 1-0 behind but pulled off the match by two small-margin wins against Gu Li from China. more

Park YoungHoon

International 11-22 12th Samsung Cup

Lee through, Gu and Park tied. Lee SeDol from Korea beat Huang YiZhong from China to be the first to reach the final of the 12th SamSung Cup. In the other semi-finals Park YoungHoon from Korea beat Chinese champ Gu Li so they will have to go all the way to decide the other finalist. Tomorrow, the 23rd will be the deciding game. more

Lee SeDol

International 11-20 12th Samsung Cup

The semi-finals of the 12th Samsung title have started and the score: Korea-China: 1-1. To be continued the 22nd. more

Gu Li

Japan 11-19 32nd Kisei title

Cho Chikun beat Cho U in the finals of the challenger tournament and thus becomes challenger of Yamashita Keigo for the 32nd Kisei title. Cho held the title 8 times and was playing for the title 11 times so he is on well-known territory. This match will be an interesting clash of styles. more

Cho Chikun

Japan 11-15 55th Oza title

The 55th Oza title match is on its way. Title holder Yamashita Keigo made a good start by winning the first game but challenger Imamura Toshiya immediately stroke back by taking the second game. Let's see how this clash between the Nihon Ki-in and the Kansai Ki-in, the two largest professional Go associations in Japan will develop. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Imamura Toshiya

International 11-14 12th LG Cup

Who is this Han SangHoon?! A young 1p professional from Korea who just recently entered the professional Go scene and is since scoring tremendously. His record is close to 90% against top-notch professionals like Cho HunHyun, Lee ChangHo, Park YoungHoon and Gu Li. His most recent success is beating On Sojin to reach the final of the prestigeous LG Cup tournament where he will play a best-of-three with Lee SeDol (who beat Hu Yaoyu from China). GoBase carries 58 games of Han,1p thus providing excellent study material to improve your game. more

Han SangHoon

Japan 11-09 32nd Meijin title

Cho U pulled his nerves together and used the black stones well to take an early initiative which pretty much lasted all the game. Despite some clever manoeuvring by the Meijin Takao Shinji there always was this gap in territory. In the end it seemed a small margin but actually it was a pretty convenient win by Cho. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Cho U

International 11-09 8th New Stars

Judging from the 8th edition of the New Star's match between the super-powers China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, should we presume the Chinese will take over the position of the Koreans, or did they already maybe? The matches between the youngsters left not much room for speculation. The Chinese and Koreans were dominant while the Chinese left the Koreans with no chance in their deciding match. more

Kong Jie

Japan 11-02 32nd Meijin title

It's all square in the Meijin match. The Meijin Takao Shinji achieved a hard fought victory in the 6th game winning the game with the smallest margin possible. So who will have the strongest nerves in the final and all-deciding game, Cho U, Gosei or Takao Shinji, Meijin? Final game is scheduled for the 8th and 9th of November. The match was covered live on IGS-PandaNet. more

Takao Shinji


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