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Honinbo Shusai - title index
Games played before 1900 (245 games)
In this period we see Tamura Hoju (Honinbo Shusai) grow in strength from 1 dan to 5 dan professional.
Games played after 1900 (175 games)
His strength reaches the top (8 dan) and Tamura Hoju eventually becomes Honinbo Shusai.
Handicap games (348 games)
Honinbo Shusai played lots of handicap games, the collection features games with 2 and 3, 4 and 5 handicap.
Rengo collection (16 games)
In the past it was not uncommon to play ren-go (team playing team, each team-member playing a move in turn). In these games Honinbo Shusai was one of the players.


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