Use GoBase to Study Joseki

studying joseki
Use GoBase to Study Joseki

We search for the nadare joseki. The variation tree built by GoBase is much larger in size compared to the tree generated by the double-wing search. We find 215 hits which at top level split into 5 branches marked [a] through [e].

The first thing we notice is the frequency variations occur: Variation [a] is played 139 times out of 215 hits (64%). As a comparison variation [c] is played just 27 out of 215 hits (12%).

Another thing we notice from this example is that GoBase might discover multiple hits per game. In the game shown in the replay window GoBase discovered the nadare joseki three times: in the top-left, top-right and bottom-left corner.

Using GoBase's variation browser in combination with the possibility to call the game in which the variation was played makes studying joseki more lively and also more instructive.

Every line in the joseki has games attached to it to illustrate the applicability of the joseki variation. Replaying the game will also show you the follow up moves around the joseki shape.

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