Studying Chuban (2)

keima shimari
Fig 1: Keima shimari

ogeima shimari
Fig 2: Ogeima shimari

The position in fig 1 was found 55 times in the collection of 5172 games. The position in fig 2 was found 17 times.

In both positions the most frequently played move is tenuki (respectively 31 and 6 times) although in the second position playing tenuki and defending the corner at [b] have the same frequency. Thus, in the first figure defending white's position seems more urgent than in fig 2.

In fig 1 an attack starting with [b] seems a good alternative (10 times).

When defending the keima shimari the tobi to [c] is preferable. When defending the ogeima shimari the sagari to [b] is more efficient.

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