Starting a search

After you have entered a position on the Go board and selected the region you are interested in you can send the question to GoBase by clicking the Search button which is located just above the Go board:

Starting a search

Processing a search

Hitting the Search button will send the position and region information to GoBase and start the search. Depending on the load of the WWW server and the load of the network which connects your computer with the server the result should show up within a few seconds to a minute after you started the search.

Note Currently GoBase loads the database for each search it performs. We are working on a server based version of the program which will have the database continuously loaded and can respond even quicker to search requests. Currently, loading the database takes about 3-5 seconds on average.

Result of a search

After you have submitted your query to GoBase a new Netscape window will open to contain the result of the query.

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