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author:J. van der Steen

copyright (C) 2005 PANDANET

The 321Go pilot


IGS-PandaNet tries to spread Go by providing Go players from all over the world with facilities to play or watch Go and communicate with other players by Internet.
Meanwhile, local organizations notice more and more new players learn the game by Internet, through articles on websites, discussion groups and online playing facilities such as IGS-PandaNet.
Co-operation of the traditional local organizations and new global Internet organizations seems a logical next step to take.

In the Netherlands the 321Go project tries to establish a proof of concept of such new ideas and possibly expand on them. A central point will be the website 321Go.org, an intermediate between local and global facilities specially designed for beginners.

Below is a proposal for the corporate image of 321Go and the website in particular.


Various logos have been designed. Our preferance for the moment is the 5th (last) one. logo, version 1 logo, version 2 logo, version 3 logo, version 4 logo, version 5

Website frontpage

Two website frontpages have been designed. Our preferance for the moment is the 2nd one. Click on the images for a design size version. concept 1 concept 2

After a meeting with the design group two main conclusions were drawn:

  • The photo should be more general or abstract in order to avoid it appears we focus on a certain group of people.
  • The banner in general should be less prominent.

The following three proposals were created to suit these suggestions: concept 2b concept 2c concept 2d

A definite decision still needs to be taken.


For propaganda purposes a sticker will be developed. The proposals: sticker sticker2

The website content

The content of the website will change over time but initially we would like to provide the following services:

  • Oefenstof (van Wim Berkelmans)
  • Beginnerscursus
  • Helpdesk (+ openingstijden)
  • Spelen tegen de computer (igowin)
  • Enkele tijdschriften van de NGoB (PDF)
  • Partijarchiefje 9x9 en 13x13 (heel misschien 19x19)
  • NGoB link


Best would be to meet soon again so that:

  • Hans zijn voorstel kan toelichten
  • De groep feedback kan geven op design en content
  • Consequenties bepalen voor stickers, CD en gedrukt materiaal
  • Actiepunten opstellen

The rules of Go

In the mean time the design has been applied to the document "Werkboek I" as developed by Wim Berkelmans. This book explains the rules of Go and will be distributed together with the 9x9 and 13x13 Go sets of HOT.


An initial version of the website has been published. Feedback and ideas will be appreciated. Please send them to 321go@gobase.org.

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