JP HashimotoShoji Hashimoto Shoji
General information
also found as 橋本昌二 Progression
chinese Qiao2-ben3 Chang-er4 (qiaoben, qiao ben chang er)
nationality JP Japan
born 1935-04-18
teachers Hashimoto Kunisaburo (from 1944)
rank 9
pro status Professional
affiliation Kansai Ki-in, Osaka, Japan
pid 2002
games 607 Scoring
wins 298
losses 305
draws 1
unknown 0
no result 3
score 49.42% (details)
biography Hashimoto Shoji, Born Apr. 18, 1935 in Hyogo, Japan. Started learning at the hand of his father, Kunisaburo in 1944. First major title: Winner 7th & 29th Oza Titles, 1959 & 1981; NHK Cup three times; 12th 10 Dan Title, 1974; 7th Haya-go Tournament, 1975. Winner 4th Kisei Tournament, Top Player round, 1980. Challenger for 17th & 19th 10 Dan Titles, 1979 & 1981. Finalist 11th Kakusei Tournament, 1989. Winner Kansai Kiin #1 Championship Title 12 times, earning Honorary Kansai Kiin #1 Champion status. Lives in Osaka, Japan.
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