JP ki000016 Iwata Tatsuaki
General information
also found as 岩田達明
Iwata Masao
nationality JP Japan
born 1926-01-02
teachers Kitani Minoru
rank 9
pro status Professional
affiliation Nihon Ki-in, Chubu, Japan
pid 16
games 339 Scoring
wins 146
losses 189
draws 4
unknown 0
no result 0
score 43.66% (details)
biography Iwata Tatsuaki, Born Jan. 2, 1926 in Nagoya, Aichi. Participated in 2nd Strongest Player Tournament as 6 dan in 1958; 1st Meijin League in 1961. Winner of Oteai top section, 1963. Winner of Okan Title (Nihon Kiin, Nagoya Branch, Championship) six times. Finalist 9th Pro Best Ten Tournament, 1972. Participant in Honinbo League seven times. 1993 record: 17 wins, 13 losses. Lives in Nagoya, Japan.
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