JP ki000064 Kataoka Satoshi
General information
kanji 4a52 322c 2121 416f Progression
chinese Pian4-gang Cong (piangang, pian gang cong)
nationality JP Japan
born 1958-08-03
teachers Sakakibara Shoji
insei 1967
rank 9
pro status Professional
affiliation Nihon Ki-in, Tokyo, Japan
pid 64
games 481 Scoring
wins 257
losses 221
draws 0
unknown 2
no result 1
score 53.77% (details)
biography Kataoka Satoshi, Born Aug. 3, 1958 in Matsuda, Chiba Pref., Japan. First major title: Winner 8th Tengen Title, 1982, defeating Kato Masao after unsuccessfully challenging for 5th Tengen Title, 1979. Winner 6th Kisei Tournament, 5 Dan Division, 1981; 7th Shinjin-O Title, 1982; Kakusei Title, 1990. Participant in Honinbo League five times. 2nd place in Oteai lower section in 1976. Winner of 1st & 2nd Ryuen Cup Tournament, 1977-78. Winner of KIDO magazine awards twice. 1993 record: 37 wins, 14 losses. Lives in Tokyo, Japan.
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