JP Kato Shin
General information
kanji 3243 4623 3f2e Progression
nationality JP Japan
born 1891-01-01
died 1952-07-01
teachers Hirose Heijiro (from 1907)
rank 8
pro status Professional
pid 7970
games 78 Scoring
wins 21
losses 56
draws 0
unknown 1
no result 0
score 27.27% (details)
biography Kato Shin, Born in 1891 in Tokyo, Japan. Died July 1952. In 1907, became student of Hirose Heijiro, who was awarded an Honorary 8 dan rank by the Nihon Kiin posthumously. Although possessed with sufficient strength to attain professional shodan status, his teacher held him back, and he was recognized as such by the Hoensha (of which Hirose was Chief Director) in 1908, promoted to 8 dan in 1942 by recommendation. First major title: in the 1st Honinbo Title, 1941, drew play-off match with Sekiyama Riichi 6 dan, 3 wins to 3 losses. Awarded second place because of Sekiyama's better tournament record. Played at a time when challenge matches, rather than tournament titles, were the norm. Known for his powerful play with black.
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