JP ki000136 Kobayashi Kenji
General information
also found as 小林健二 Progression
nationality JP Japan
born 1958-03-17
teachers Kitani Minoru (from 1975)
rank 7
pro status Professional
affiliation Nihon Ki-in, Tokyo, Japan
pid 136
games 43 Scoring
wins 21
losses 22
draws 0
unknown 0
no result 0
score 48.84% (details)
biography Kobayashi Kenji, Born Mar. 17, 1958 in Nagano, Japan. Winner, 5th Kisei Tournament, 4 Dan Division, 1980. 1993 record: 12 wins, 10 losses. Younger brother of Kobayashi Chizu 5 dan, Kobayashi Takayuki (quasi-professional shodan [2 dan]) and Kobayashi Satoru 9 dan. Lives in Tokyo, Japan.
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