JP Kogishi Soji
General information
nationality JP Japan Progression
born 1898-01-01
died 1924-01-07
rank 6
pro status Professional
pid 7955
games 26 Scoring
wins 14
losses 10
draws 2
unknown 0
no result 0
score 57.69% (details)
biography Kogishi Soji was born in January 1898 in Osaka. At the age of ten he entered the Honinbo school and he became shodan in 1915. He was promoted to 3-dan in 1917 and won 15 games out of 16 in that year. In 1918 he won 41, lost 9, 4 jigo. In 1919 he was promoted to 4-dan, with 34 wins and 4 losses. In 1920 he won 23 lost 9 and 1 jigo and he was promoted to 5-dan in 1921 and 6-dan in 1924. He died suddenly on January 7 1924 at the age of 27. Shusai had hoped to name him his successor to the Honinbo name, where he would have been Honinbo Shuritsu. In his last three years, he had had a 90% wining average. In games sponsored by the Jiji Press, he had defeated 32 players in succession.
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