JP ki000058 Kuwata Yasuaki
General information
kanji 372c 4544 4259 4c40 Progression
nationality JP Japan
born 1944-03-25
insei 1956
rank 8
pro status Professional
affiliation Nihon Ki-in, Chubu, Japan
pid 58
games 65 Scoring
wins 25
losses 40
draws 0
unknown 0
no result 0
score 38.46% (details)
biography Kuwata Yasuaki, Born Mar. 25, 1944 in Nagoya, Japan. Third Place, Second Section, 1968 Oteai; Fifth Place, 1969. Winner 1984 Oteai, First Section by virtue of winning all his games. Same year, winner KIDO magazine "Winning Percentage Award" and "Straight Wins Award". 1993 record: 7 wins, 15 losses. Lives in Nagoya, Japan.
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