RO MihaiSerban Mihai Serban
General information
nationality RO Romania [No promotion information available]
born 1994-04-24
pro status Amateur
pid 8429
biography Mihai SERBAN - 2005 European GO champion, under 12. Born on 24 April 1994, in Bistrita (a small town in the North part of Romania aprox. 100 km far from Vatra Dornei, place of birth of Catalin), Mihai won in March 2005, at Kosice, his first title as European champion, under 12. In 2002, at 8 years old, he start to learn GO in school, with his teacher Teodor Virtic. Mr Virtic is one of the authors of the project "GO in school"; from 5 years GO is an optional discipline to study in public schools in Romania. Children Palace from Bistrita is now one of the main Romanian Go schools for children; 35 players from this club participated at European competition, at Kosice. Mihai is 2004's Romanian champion under 10 and won the first edition of SAIJO CUP, October 2004, under 12, when he first met sensei Saijo Masataka and Catalin Taranu. His first international participation was in 2003 at European Youth Tournement, Cannes, France. Also, he is a good KGS player. "My dream is to go in Japan, study GO and become a professional player as Catalin" declared Mihai in his first interview, he gave to me, for the Romanian sport media. Marilena Bara