TW ki000066 O Meien
General information
kanji 3226 2121 4c43 4f50 Progression
also found as O- Meien
Wang Mingwan
Wang Mingyuan
chinese Wang2 Ming2-wan3 (wang ming wan)
korean Wang myoung-wan
nationality TW Taiwan
residence JP Japan
born 1961-11-22
insei 1975-11
rank 9
pro status Professional
affiliation Nihon Ki-in, Tokyo, Japan
pid 66
games 398 Scoring
wins 169
losses 229
draws 0
unknown 0
no result 0
score 42.46% (details)
biography O Meien, Born Nov. 22, 1961 in Taipei, Taiwan. Went to Japan in Nov. 1975. Winner, 3rd Ryuen Cup, 1979. Winner, 4th & 5th Kisei Tournaments, 3 Dan Division, 1980-81; then, Oteai lower section. Finalist, 8th Kisei Tournament, 5 Dan Division; winner, KIDO magazine "Shinjin (New Player)" award, 1984. KIDO magazine "Special merit" award, 1985. Winner, 10th & 11th Kisei Tournaments, 6 & 7 Dan Divisions, 1986-87. Second place, Oteai top section, 1987. Winner, 6th NEC Shunei Title, 1988. 1993 record: 26 wins, 6 losses. Brother of Tei Meiko, 9 dan and Tei Meiki, 7 dan. Lives in Tokyo, Japan.
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