TW ki000065 O Rissei
General information
kanji 3226 2121 4e29 403f Progression
also found as O- Rissei
Wang Licheng
chinese Wang2 Li4-cheng2 (wang li cheng)
korean Wang lip seong
nationality TW Taiwan
residence JP Japan
born 1958-11-07
teachers Kano Yoshinori (from 1972)
rank 9
pro status Professional
affiliation Nihon Ki-in, Tokyo, Japan
pid 65
games 722 Scoring
wins 409
losses 309
draws 0
unknown 1
no result 3
score 56.96% (details)
biography O Rissei, Born Nov. 7, 1958 in Taiwan. Came to Japan in 1971. First major title: Winner various Kisei Tournament dan divisions, four times; 6th Shinjin-O Title, 1981; 14th Shinei Tournament, 1983. Participant in 41st Honinbo League, 1986. Winner 11th Kakusei Title, 1989. Winner Oteai top section in 1982. Winner of KIDO magazine awards four times. 1993 record: 30 wins, 16 losses. Lives in Tokyo.
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