CN QiuJun Qiu Jun
General information
nationality CN China Progression
born 1982-08-22
rank 8
pro status Professional
affiliation Chinese Go Association, Beijin, China
pid 7217
games 664 Scoring
wins 372
losses 291
draws 0
unknown 1
no result 0
score 56.11% (details)
biography Qiu Jun, born on Aug 22 1982 in Shanghai, China. Learned to play Weiqi at the age of 6, entered the Shanghai team then China National Youth Team at 13 (1995). Qui Jun was promoted to shodan in 1995, 2 dan in 1996, 3 dan in 1997 and 4 dan in 1998. Father: Qiu Xin, coach of team Shanghai. Advisor (coach): Yu Bin 9 dan. Achievements: 6th place, Chinese national championship, 1996 7th place, Chinese national championship, 1997 Champion, Chinese national championship, 1998. He is the youngest (16) and lowest-ranked ever to win this championship. Without a doubt he is a rising star.
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