JP UshinohamaSatsuo Ushinohama Satsuo
General information
kanji 356d 4737 494d 3b23 4957 Progression
nationality JP Japan
born 1948-01-22
teachers Miyamoto Naoki
insei 1962
rank 9
pro status Professional
affiliation Kansai Ki-in, Osaka, Japan
pid 2016
games 74 Scoring
wins 33
losses 41
draws 0
unknown 0
no result 0
score 44.59% (details)
biography Ushinohama Satsuo, Born Jan. 22, 1948 in Kagoshima, Japan. Participant in 4th Meijin League, 1978. Winner 7th Kisei Tournament, 9 Dan Division, 1982. Winner 29th Kansai Kiin #1 Championship Title, 1985. Winner Kansai Kiin Oteai once. Visited China on a promotional tour in 1985. Has individualistic approach to the game which emphasizes central thickness. Lives in Osaka, Japan.
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