KR YoonSeongHyun Yoon SeongHyun
General information
kanji 557a 2121 4039 6e6b Progression
also found as Yun Seong-hyeon
Yoon Song-hyun
Yoon Son-hyun
nationality KR Korea (South)
born 1975-06-30
rank 9
pro status Professional
affiliation Korean Go Association, Seoul, Korea
pid 7060
games 114 Scoring
wins 52
losses 61
draws 0
unknown 0
no result 1
score 46.02% (details)
biography SeongHyun Yoon, Born the 30th of June 1975 in SokCho, Kangwon Province (east coast) in Korea. He has never captured any cups yet but he was one of the finalist for PaeWang Cup in 93. He qualified for the Top position match and MyungIn match in 93, 95. He also qualified for Korea mobile telecom Cup , Jaewang, Wangwi, Baccus Cup in 94, MyungIn in 96.
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