Subject:	THE BIG GAME 10 Answer
From:		John Fairbairn <>
Date:		Mon, 26 May 1997 22:03:06 +0100

Here is the rest of the game with commentary. For accuracy, especially as there is a messy ko fight, I have transcribed the entire game as a .go (Ishi format) file. It is easy enough to read even without a viewer.

130. s9
This was a mistake, said White. He should have played the two-stage ko 'a', but the problem he had was assessing the ko threats. Even with hindsight he gave no clear view except that given the balance of the game he should have gambled.

137. e2
B7 would leave the same ko aji as before.

140. j8
A smaller territory than he expected.

144. c12
d10 fails to make any significant territory after Black j10.