Subject:	THE BIG GAME 3 Answer
From:		John Fairbairn <>
Date:		1997/04/26

I don't think anyone got the full answer (White 20 to 22), although some got the first move, and some people spotted ideas that come up later in the game. I detected strong players getting an edge for the first time.

The actual moves were:

White 20: m13 (loose connection)

White has achieved his aim of getting out into the centre.

Black 21: j15 (extension)

Because it would be unbearable to allow White to get a "fanning the flames" kind of attack with j13 [this refers to the Japanese word aoru which is used in go to refer to the kind of chase where you are fanning flames or, if you like, beating the grass to drive the grouse up into the air for easy pickings. It's a useful image to help you get the right shape for a running attack, although you don't often see it in pro games]

White 22: q15.

-- John Fairbairn