Subject:	THE BIG GAME 6 Answer
From:		John Fairbairn <>
Date:		Mon, 5 May 1997 20:05:04 +0100

We were looking at White 42.

The word used in the commentary was "monotonous" (the meaning being "one-track" rather than "boring"). Some of the suggestions seemed close, but the differences may perhaps repay further thought. "Slack" (nurui) means ceding the initiative, which is certainly not the fault of the move played as Black has to answer. "Slow" seems passable, but is not quite there.

I think it was a 7-kyu (Mike Vaughn) that gave the best answer because he got the right spot for the suggested improvement: d10 (more aggressive strategically than d9). The point about this move is that its is duo-tone - it has a dual purpose: chasing as well as staking out a side. The game's 42 (f11) really just chased.

The commentary pointed out that White 42 at f14 was an irrelevance: Black f13, White f15, and now Black can play the big move c14 because he doesn't have to worry about being cut through with White g14 (he can live at the top with the comb formation).

-- John Fairbairn