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Japan 11-25 Seki Kotaro retakes lead in Tengen

Seki Kotaro convincingly retakes the lead in the 47th Tengen title match by killing a large group of title holder Ichiriki Ryo.

The critical moment in the opening was at move 21. Basically black has two choices: build with 1 and 3 in diagram 1 or invade with 1 in diagram 2. Ichiriki choose the latter and the AI engine immediately showed a 5% drop which black never recovered from.

Game 3 @ B21: the game continuation
Diagram 2: The game
Game 3 @ B21: alternative
Diagram 1: The alternative
Ichiriki RyoSeki Kotaro

Japan 11-23 Professional Pair-Go

This year's Professional Pair-Go Championship is launched on the 23rd of November. The games are broadcast live on the PandaNet Go Server. Besides most top female Go players (like Fujisawa, see photo), the tournament features major title holders like, Iyama, Ichiriki and Shibano. On the left you see their pair-go team mates displayed. Check the official tournament site to see who's who.

More information:

The replay icons will give you the semi finals. more

Fujisawa RinaChinen KaoriYashiro KumikoNyu Eiko

Japan 11-22 Oza well on the way

Game 3 @ W118
Diagram 1: Semeai

The third game of the Oza match requires some deep reading the moment (move 118) Shibano decides to cut off Iyama's group at the top. A semeai between the two marked groups results in an unexpected outcome.

Replay the game to see what happened next... more

Shibano ToramaruIyama Yuta

Japan 11-06 Iyama defends Meijin title

Iyama Yuta managed to defend the Meijin title against challenger Ichiriki Ryo. The best-of-seven title match went all the way: 4-3. more

Iyama YutaIchiriki Ryo


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