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Japan 03-23 Title holder Kyo Kagen doing well in 60th Judan title match

Already in the early stages of this game the AI prefered black. But at 171 black goes wrong, not decisively but most of the lead slips away. When black goes wrong again with 175 things seem beyond repair.


Kyo KagenYu Zhengqi

Japan 03-20 IchiRiki takes Kisei in solid style

Game 7 @ KataGo: Critical moment...
KataGo's evaluation graph

The critical moment in this game seems around 65. White has a few weak groups and needs ways to settle them. The AI engine KataGo does not agree with white's choices in this phase as the LizGoban graph below shows. The graph shows that at move 89 black is leading 0.5 point and the chance to carry home this lead is 56%.
A better way to settle? Let's see what the experts will find out once the analysis will reach us.


Iyama YutaIchiriki Ryo

Japan 03-10 Kisei will go all the way

Game 6 @ W126: To push or capture?
Diagram 1: To push or capture?
Game 6 @ W194: Group turns ko
Diagram 2: Group turns ko

To me the two key points in this game are diagram 1 and 2.

Black is using a sacrifice strategy of his marked stones to attack the large marked white group. In the game white pushed with A instead of capturing the black stones immediately.

At move 194 the whole group depends on the outcome of this ko. Does the saying hold: "big groups don't die"?  more

Iyama YutaIchiriki Ryo


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