Go Seigen: Match Player


Go Seigen played a total of 41 matches (31 won, 3 draw, 7 losses) in length ranging from 2 to 10 games, the latter of course being the most prestigeous. The only of these matches he lost was to Fujisawa Hosai. Some ten years after this defeat he took revenge and beat Fujisawa Hosai by 7-3 and 5-1 respectively (both in best of ten matches).

The rule for match play was that when the difference in the score would make it necessary to change the handicap the match would be abandoned. Go Seigen achieved this four times (against Iwamoto Kaoru, Fujisawa Hosai, Karigane Jun'ichi and Sakata Eio. In the latter two cases this meant the match was abandoned prematurely.

His score in the best-of-three matches was comparable: 20 matches won and only five losses. So, on average he scored 80% against his contemporaries over a period of thirty years, a truly remarkable achievement.

Match Overview

Best of From To Players Result
101933-03-29,04-211934-01-30,02-19Go SeigenKitani Minoru3-3
101939-09-28,291941-06-04,06Go SeigenKitani Minoru6-4
101941-08-07,091942-05-02,04Go SeigenKarigane Jun'ichi4-1
101942-12-27,281944-09-17Go SeigenFujisawa Hosai4-6
101946-08-28,09-101948-01-13,28Go SeigenHashimoto Utaro6-4
101948-07-07,091949-02-22,24Go SeigenIwamoto Kaoru7-3
101950-07-25,261951-08-08,09Go SeigenHashimoto Utaro5-5
101951-10-20,221952-07-02,04Go SeigenFujisawa Hosai7-3
101952-10-09,111953-03-13Go SeigenFujisawa Hosai5-1
101953-11-04,051954-06-24,25Go SeigenSakata Eio6-2
101955-07-19,201956-11-26,27Go SeigenTakagawa Shukaku6-4
71936-06-271939-01-11,12Go SeigenKitani Minoru4-2
61953-05-27,281953-09-01,02Go SeigenSakata Eio1-5
41951-10-01,021952-02-20,22Go SeigenFujisawa Hosai4-0
31932-07-08,08-061932-08-30,09-21Go SeigenKitani Minoru2-1
31934-05-08,06-011934-09-23,10-19Go SeigenKitani Minoru2-1
31935-06-13,07-021935-07-26Go SeigenKitani Minoru0-2
31939-01-21,231939-02-08,10Go SeigenKitani Minoru0-2
31943-01-12,02-211943-04-07,05-08Go SeigenKitani Minoru2-1
31944-01-01,02-011944-03-22Go SeigenHashimoto Utaro1-2
31948-02-291948-05-05Go SeigenSakata Eio3-0
31950-07-14,151950-09-21,22Go SeigenHashimoto Utaro3-0
31952-10-25,261953-01-31,02-01Go SeigenTakagawa Shukaku3-0
31953-12-07,081954-05-09,10Go SeigenIwamoto Kaoru2-1
31953-12-17,181954-03-08,09Go SeigenHashimoto Utaro2-1
31955-04-22,231955-06-14,15Go SeigenSugiuchi Masao2-1
31955-05-17,181955Go SeigenMiyashita Shuyo3-0
31955-07-05,061955-08-30Go SeigenTakagawa Shukaku3-0
31955-11-18,191956-03-21,22Go SeigenMurashima Yoshikatsu2-1
31956-01-14,251956-02-08,09Go SeigenShimamura Toshihiro2-1
31956-04-17,181956-05-22,23Go SeigenKubouchi Shuchi3-0
31956-06-06,071956-07-24,25Go SeigenMaeda Nobuaki2-1
31956-08-27,281956-10-09,10Go SeigenTakagawa Shukaku3-0
31957-01-171957-02-06,07Go SeigenHashimoto Utaro2-1
31958-02-03,041958-02-25Go SeigenTakagawa Shukaku2-1
31958-12-17,181959-02-13Go SeigenTakagawa Shukaku0-3
31959-01-141959-01-27,02-08Go SeigenFujisawa Hosai2-0
31959-11-18,191960-02-16,17Go SeigenTakagawa Shukaku1-2
31960-12-07,081961-02-08,09Go SeigenTakagawa Shukaku2-1
31961-07-20,211962-01-09,10Go SeigenSakata Eio1-2
21942-08-23,241942-10-25Go SeigenKitani Minoru1-1
21957-10-05,061957-10-15,16Go SeigenFujisawa Hosai2-0

Match Details

The details of the matches are listed on separate pages:

Best of win-jigo-loss
10 59-0-36 8-2-1 11
3 50-0-25 20-0-5 26
2,4,6,7 12-0-8 3-1-1 5