[cn][jp] China-Japan Supermatch


1st1984 ChinaJapan 8-7
2nd1985 ChinaJapan 9-8
3rd1987 ChinaJapan 9-8
4th1988 JapanChina 7-2
5th1989 ChinaJapan 8-3
6th1990 JapanChina 8-7
7th1992 JapanChina 7-5
8th1993 JapanChina 7-3
9th1994 ChinaJapan 6-3
10th1995 ChinaJapan 7-5
11st1996 ChinaJapan 7-2
12th1997 ChinaJapan 2-1
15th2000 ChinaJapan 2-1

The complete collection
Martin Müller has archived most Supermatch games in one SGF file, suitable to replay with the Smart Go Board program for example. Please refer to Martin Müller's: Supermatch page.

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