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Japan  tournaments | honinbo title, 59th edition, 2004  
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250x166, 12kB

Yoda Norimoto places the first stone of the 1st game on the board.

250x166, 12kB

Cho U, title holder.

250x166, 8kB

Yoda Norimoto, Meijin and challenger.

350x213, 24kB

Cho U passes the (sealed) 48th move to referee Sakata Eio.

320x241, 24kB

Cho U plays the sealed move.

166x250, 16kB

A moment of rest in the two-day session game.

350x251, 28kB

250x166, 16kB

199x300, 16kB

350x263, 36kB

Cho U plays the opening move of the second game.

250x188, 12kB

Kataoka Satoshi and Ishida Yoshio analysing the position.

350x235, 16kB

Yoda Norimoto hands over the sealed move to referee Ishida Yoshio.

350x266, 20kB

Referee Ishida Yoshio shows the sealed move to Cho U at the start of the second day

250x188, 16kB

Lots of spectators enjoy the analysis of the 2nd game.

350x233, 16kB

Yoda Norimoto opens with komoku in the 3rd game against Cho U [2004-05-31]

400x317, 24kB

Yoda Norimoto hands over the sealed move (white 68) to the referee

350x222, 16kB

The 2nd day, the referee shows the sealed move to Cho U

400x300, 24kB

Cho U and Yoda Norimoto analyze the 4th game

200x195, 24kB

Challenger Yoda Norimoto, Meijin, Gosei

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