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Japan  tournaments | kisei title, 19th edition, 1995  
Title match
Kobayashi Satoru JP
ki000045|Born 1959-04-05
Rank 9p
Stored games 1628
Using this name 1628

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Cho Chikun KR
ki000004|Born 1956-06-20
Rank 9p
Stored games 3222
Using this name 3118

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  1 2 3 4 5 6 T
  Kobayashi Satoru   blackR [print] blackR [print] [print] [print] 4
  Cho Chikun   [print] blackR [print] black3.5 whiteR blackR 2

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Challenger final

The final of the 1995 Kisei challenger tournament featured the two top Kobayashi's: Kobayashi Koichi and Kobayashi Satoru.

Kobayashi Koichi has been very succesful over the recent years dominating the Meijin title (8 times in a row) and taking all big (best of 7) titles except the Honinbo title, which has been well defended by Cho Chikun so far.

Kobayashi Satoru is less famous than his contemporary members of the Kitani school. This might partly be due to the fact that he couldn't manage to grasp any of the big titles yet. Anyway, he made a great leap forward in his career this year by winning the final of the 1995 Kisei challenger tournament.

Below you will find the games of the final (best of three). You can request the game record by selecting the result.

  1 2 3 T
  Kobayashi Satoru   black0.5 [print] [print] 2
  Kobayashi Koichi   [print] black7.5 whiteR 1
Preliminary finals

There are various ways a player can qualify for the final stages of the Challenger Tournament:

qualifiers for challenger tournament
Honinbo Cho Chikun
(The current Kisei, so this place is not used this year)
Meijin Kobayashi Koichi
Tengen Rin Kaiho
Judan Otake Hideo
Oza Kato Masao
Last four of 9d elimination tournament Kobayashi Satoru
Hikosaka Naoto
Hane Yasumasa
Kudo Norio
Winner 7d elimination tournament Morita Michihiro
Winner 8d elimination tournament Yuki Satoshi
Winner 1-6 dan (+ loosers from 7d & 8d) elimination tournament Imamura Yoshiaki

By the way, Kobayashi Satoru won the final of the 9 dan section (although that doesn't give any advantages over the 2nd place for the final of the challenger tournament). The seeding in the knockout schedule is determined by chance (drawing).

Kobayashi Koichi, 9 dan Kobayashi Koichi
Kobayashi Koichi
Hikosaka Naoto, 9 dan
Rin Kaiho, 9 dan Rin Kaiho
Imamura Yoshiaki, 7 dan Imamura Yoshiaki
Yuki Satoshi, 8 dan
Hane Yasumasa, 9 dan Kato Masao
Kobayashi Satoru
Otake Hideo, 9 dan Kato Masao
Kato Masao, 9 dan
Morita Michihiro, 7 dan Kobayashi Satoru
Kobayashi Satoru
Kobayashi Satoru, 9 dan
Kudo Norio, 9 dan
Dan qualification

The winners of the dan sections 1 through 6 qualify for the final knockout tournament with one place in the Kisei challenger final at stake. These players are joined by the loosers of the 7 and 8 dan finals (Imamura Yoshiaki and Goto Shungo below). The winners of these sections (Morita Michihiro and Yuki Satoshi) qualify immediately for the final stages of the challenger final.

1-6 dan winner section, 7 & 8 dan looser section
7d- Imamura Yoshiaki Imamura, 7d Imamura, 7d Imamura, 7d Imamura, 7d
7d+ Morita Michihiro (*)
3d+ Takao Shinji Takao, 3d
3d- Kono Takashi
1d+ Tahara Yosufumi Tahara, 1d Tahara, 1d
1d- Iragaki Yoo
4d- Hane Naoki Hane, 4d
4d+ Endo Yoshifumi
5d+ Kenmochi Jo Kenmochi, 5d Kenmochi, 5d Kenmochi, 5d
5d- ???
2d+ Yamashita Keigo Yamashita, 2d
2d- Katsuki Shiro
6d+ Yamada Kimio Yamada, 6d Yamada, 6d
6d- Yo Kagen
8d- Goto Shungo Goto, 8d
8d+ Yuki Satoshi (*)

(-) Looser
(+) Winner
(*) Immediate qualification for the challenger league

Dan finals
black white date place result #mn game
Hikosaka Naoto
Kobayashi Satoru
whiteR 254
Yuki Satoshi
Goto Shungo
blackR 179
Yo Kagen
Yamada Kimio
whiteR 206
Imamura Yoshiaki
Morita Michihiro
white5.5 238
Hane Naoki
Endo Yoshifumi
blackR 235
Kono Takashi
Takao Shinji
whiteR 106
Katsuki Shiro
Yamashita Keigo
white0.5 286
Iragaki Yoo
Tahara Yasufumi
white0.5 260
Qualification tournament
black white date place result #mn game

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