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International  tournaments | new star korea-china, 7th edition, 2004  
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The 7th China-Korea New Star match pits Xinren Qiu Jun 6p against BC Card Cup holder An ChoYoung 8p (left). A friendly drink before a ferocious encounter.

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Shy mannered Qiu Jun stands slightly bowed and eyes lowered again for the traditional handshake, but make no mistake: he's the one looking for mischief in both games.

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Game 1 begins with An ChoYoung, 24, as Black. Qiu Jun is a little younger - 22 this August.

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The players discuss the first game, focusing on the South-East corner. Qiu Jun engineered sharp local fightings to force An's resignation.

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The start of Game 2. An ChoYoung will find himself outpowered again in this all-out fight. China goes 4-3 up in the annual young pro matches with Korea.

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