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Use the advanced searching for full control over the search parameters.


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Help on searching

Use the form to get an overview of the games in the database with certain properties set. Although most games in the database have been carefully checked still a fair amount of games will miss some relevant properties. Most common are allotted thinking time, rank of the players and exact date of the match.

Some notes:

  • Empty fields are ignored during the search.
  • Searching by pid is rare but can be useful. For example, when searching for "Honinbo Shusaku" you'll only get the games which he played being Honinbo Shusaku and not when he was called Kuwahara Shusaku. If you want a listing of all his games you have to use his pid (currently 2368 but not fixed, see next note).
  • The pid for Japanese professionals are mostly conform the codes used by the Nihon Ki-in. All other players in the database have random pid's which even may change over time.
  • Although the player and pid fields are related, when filling out both fields the pid field is considered authorative.
  • GoBase considers the handicap of a game to be the number of black stones on the board the moment white is playing her first move. So handicap==1 denotes an even game.
  • The komi compensates for the advantage black has by playing first. The traditional value of this compensation is 5.5 points.
  • Use the restore original settings button to restore all fields to their original contents.

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