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293x442, 40kB

Professor Hahn was master of ceremony on the first day of the conference. The second day he asked Mr. Ernest Brown from the USA to assist him so he could enjoy some of the talks of the conference and do a few of the thousand things to do.

336x383, 16kB

Creator of these pictures: Mr. Wodzimierz Malinowski from Poland. Thank you Wodzimierz!

448x293, 48kB

Wodzimierz Malinowski and Alexei Lazarev involved in a game of Baduk in the television room of the Korean Baduk Association. Referee of the event is Lee SeungHyun, member of the "Meet and Greet" team.

451x290, 56kB

Relaxing a few hours in one of the city parks of Seoul. From left to right: "Enter and Bleed", "Meet and Greet", Emanuele, Francesca, Gabor, and "Enter and Bleed" again.

449x294, 56kB

The conference hall where all lectures were given. If you look carefully you can recognize (from left to right) Robert Jasiek, Alexei Lazarev, Charles Matthews and Jan Ramon. Speaking is ChiHyung Nam, 1p.

446x295, 40kB

Jan Ramon and Wodzimierz Malinowski playing in the match against the female students of the Baduk faculty of the Myong-ji university. The visitors would loose the match 5-12, not bad huh?

446x291, 48kB

Desperately Seeking participants in the Internet Cafe in Seoul.

438x288, 52kB

What a nice dinner we had in this traditional Korean restaurant. Sitting on the floor while the tables are delivered later (with the food on it). Please note the traditional Korean music in the back. In the centre of the picture you can see ChiHyung Nam, 1p. On the foreground Ron Levaco (USA documentary team) and Ernest Brown (USA representative).

450x295, 56kB

Ales Cieply, Jan van der Steen, Miss Lee and Mr. Hong (and all other Meet and Greet-ers and participants) shopping in Seoul. Here we walk in a street with all kind of interesting shops selling Korean traditonals like tea, pottery, masks and calligraphy.

447x295, 56kB

After shopping a cup of tea is so nice! Please note Toma Julian and professor Hahn who are sitting inside. A bit later we wrote some words of greeting on the wall of that room. By the way, I never had that cup of tea, oh well...

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