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KR ki000004 Chō Chikun
General information
also found as 趙治勲
趙 治勲
Cho Ch'i-hun
Cho Chikun
Cho- Chikun
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chinese Zhao4 Zhi4-xun (zhao zhi xun)
korean Cho Ch'i-hun
nationality KR Korea (South)
residence JP Japan
born 1956-06-20
teachers Kitani Minoru (from 1962)
rank 9
pro status Professional
affiliation Nihon Ki-in, Tokyo, Japan
pid 4
biography Cho Chikun, Born July 23, 1956 in Seoul, Korea. First major title: 12th Pro Best Ten Title, 1975. Defeated Otake Hideo, Meijin in 1980 to win 5th Meijin Title. Defended Meijin Title 5 straight years to earn Honorary Meijin status. 1981 won Honinbo Title to become fourth player in history to become Meijin-Honinbo. 1982, Kakusei, 10 Dan, Honinbo & Meijin titles. 1983 won Kisei Title (retained a total of 3 straight years). 1987, 13th Tengen Title, becoming first player in history to have held all seven major titles. 1989, 44th Honinbo, defended title a total of five straight years through 1993; defended 27th 10 Dan Title. Regained Kisei Title in 1994. Winner of Oteai top section once, lower section twice (in 1969-73 winning 33 straight games). Gosei, Haya-go, NEC Cup, NHK Cup & Kakusei twice. Oza once. Four time winner of KIDO magazine "Most Outstanding Player" award and Shusai Award four times. 1993 record: 26 wins, 13 losses. Lives in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.
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