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JP Fujisawa Hōsai
General information
also found as 藤沢朋斎
Fujisawa Hosai
Fujisawa Ho-sai
Fujisawa Kuranosuke
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chinese Teng2-ze2 Peng2-zhai (tengze, teng ze peng zhai)
nationality JP Japan
born 1919-03-05
died 1993-08-02
insei 1930
rank 9
pro status Professional
pid 10
biography Fujisawa Hosai, Born Mar. 5, 1919 in Yokohama, Kanagawa. Died Aug. 2, 1993. Original name was Kuranosuke. Became insei at the Nihon Kiin in 1930. Favored by Honinbo Shusai Meijin, and was rumored to be in line for those hereditary titles. Won the Oteai seven times. Was first player to be promoted to 9 dan under the Oteai system. Left the Nihon Kiin in 1953 and returned in 1959. First major titles: 6th & 9th Igo Championships, 6th Oza Title and 3rd 10 Dan Title. In all, won seven titles in his career. Challenger in the 12th Honinbo Title Match in 1957. Famous also for playing two 10 game matches (Jubango) with Go Seigen, when he and Go were the only 9 dan players, but he lost both times. Known for his powerful fighting style and deep reading, as well as his unusual openings: as black he almost invariably opened the game by playing on the 3-3 point in one corner, and making a corner enclosure in the parallel corner, while with white he played imitation go (mane go). Lived in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa.
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