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JP ki000035 Hane Yasumasa
General information
also found as 羽根泰正 [No promotion information available]
nationality JP Japan
born 1944-06-25
teachers Shimamura Toshihiro (from 1955)
rank 9
pro status Professional
affiliation Nihon Ki-in, Chubu, Japan
pid 35
biography Hane Yasumasa, Born June 25, 1944 in Mie, Japan. First major title: 38th Oza Title, 1990, defeating Kato Masao after unsuccessfully challenging Kato for same title previous year. In the 4th Japan-China Super Go/NEC Cup, 1988, defeated Nie Weiping 9 dan to give Japan its first team victory. Won 7th Kisei 8 Dan division, 1982; 10th & 12th Kisei 9 Dan divisions, 1986 & 1988. Won 14th Okan Title (Nihon Kiin, Nagoya Branch, Championship), 1972. Has been finalist for this title nine times, winner three times. Winner of KIDO magazine "Highest Winning Percentage" award twice, "Fighting Spirit", "Consecutive Wins", "Special Merit" and "Technical Skill" awards. 1993 record: 20 wins, 10 losses. Father of Hane Naoki 7 dan. Lives in Aichi, Japan.
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