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JP TakagawaKaku Takagawa Kaku
General information
also found as 高川秀格
Takagawa Shukaku
Honinbo Shukaku
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chinese Gao-chuan (Xiu4)-ge2 (gaochuan, gao chuan xiu ge)
nationality JP Japan
born 1915-09-21
died 1986-11-26
teachers Mitsuharai Taro (from 1925)
rank 9
pro status Professional
pid 1043
biography Takagawa Kaku, Born Sept. 21, 1915 in Wakayama, Japan. Died Nov. 1986. First major title: In the 7th Honinbo Title, 1952, he defeated Hashimoto Utaro by the score of 4-1 to earn his first Honinbo Title. He went on to defend the title for eight more years, setting a record for nine straight titles, a feat which was only beaten nearly 40 years later by Cho Chikun. In 1964, during the 40 year anniversary of the Nihon Kiin, he was given the title of Honorary Honinbo. Won 1st, 9th & 10th Nihon Kiin Championship, 2nd Oza Title, 4th 10 Dan Title, and 13th NHK Title. Crowning achievement of his career was his defeat of Rin Kaiho in 1968 to capture the 7th Meijin Title. Winner of the 6th Shusai Award. Captured 18 titles during his career and challenged for many more. Takagawa was noted for his skill in the opening, calm and elegant style, and was viewed as just a notch below Go Seigen and Sakata Eio as one of the greatest players of all time. Had the nicknames of "Boshi" (after the "Capping Play" that was one of the hallmarks of his style) and "Sly Fox" bestowed upon him. Lived in Tokyo, Japan.
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