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First Kyu

I met Dr. SungHwa Hong on the IGS Go server, during the epoch where a busy evening meant 30-50 players were connected simultaneously and in case two 6-dans were playing all other players would sit around their board, chatting excitedly about their love for Go, making jokes (remember zhuge?) and ocassionaly study the game.

Later, in 1993 I met Dr. Hong in person during a trip through the USA and Canada. SungHwa kindly invited me to visit him and his wife in Vancouver, Canada. We had a really great time and one of the many things which fascinated me in him was the double life he was leading. While at home he was a loving father and husband, but when playing baduk he turned into an energetic person obviously very enthusiastic about the game and loving it with all his heart. Dr. SungHwa Hong

In 1999 SungHwa asked me to preview his book "First Kyu" and the moment I started to read there was no way to stop. A fascinating book reflecting so well the committment and love for the game of Baduk which was flowing through his veins. An exciting book as well with a thrilling storyline keeping the reader in suspense till the very end.

Publishing the first few chapters of this book on is merely a humble tribute of respect for SungHwa Hong's involvement in the game we all love so much. I hope that reading the book will strengthen your belief that you have choosen the right game to invest your time and energy in.

Jan van der Steen, 2003-11-14

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First Kyu, by Dr. SungHwa Hong


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