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I worked in Japan......

I worked in Japan in 1958 and used to visit the International Go Club on Sunday afternoons. This group, primarily for foreigners, met at Chuo Kaikan in the Kokusai Building along side of Tokyo Station. They always had a couple of professionals for teaching games and a couple of translators.

One Sunday I was given the opportunity to play Segoe Sensei. I'm not sure but believe he was about 78 at the time. I took a handicap of seven stones. At one point in the game he said that I had hit a grand slam home run. However, when the game was over the count showed that I had lost by 12 stones. While I missed a win I was happy with game.

Several months later the people at Nihon Kiin invited me to play a game with Karigane Sensei. What an opportunity, the chance to play with two Go Saints. I forget where the game was, but it was not at Chuo Kaikan.

Karigane Sensei asked me if I had played with Mr. Segoe, what handicap and the result. I told him that I had taken 7 stones and lost by 12 points. My game, as I recall, was not as good as my game with Mr. Segoe. However, when the game was over the count showed that I had lost by an amazing 12 points. A coincidence? Don't you believe!


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