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About Robert

Robert Rehm, 5-dan and a former Dutch champion, has been actively spreading go since he himself got infected with the virus somewhere in the fall of 1965. One of his latest efforts has been the writing of a series of eleven introductory one-page articles (in Dutch, see below) with the intention of submitting these to publishers/editors of newspapers and magazines which could be expected to have any interest in publishing about something else than soccer, for once in a while.

Starting in November 2005 the articles were sent to about fifteen papers/magazines, but none of them showed any interest in publishing them. So finally we decided to put them here online. For some of our visitors they may be a good way to start learning Dutch and - who knows - someone comes along who thinks it might yet be a good idea to put them in print for a wider public!

If yóu are that someone, you can take a look at Roberts homepage, find his E-mail address and send him a message.


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The columns
Een leeg bord
(An empty board)
Slaan (1)
(Let's hit something)
(But how to survive?)
Slaan (2)
(More about capturing)
Strategie (1)
Strategie (2)
(And more strategy)
(The endgame)
Slaan (3)
(Let's capture some stones)
Een beetje geschiedenis
(Some history)

All columns and articles are Copyright © Robert Rehm 2007

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