The Big Game

On April the 17th 1997 John Fairbairn started a thread on rec.games.go named The Big Game which was received very well indeed by the readers of the newsgroup. John selected a professional game unknown to the readers (it has never been published) and replays it on rec.games.go. Every once in a while he will ask the readers about their thoughts for the next move. Please read John's original announcement since he explains his ideas much better than I can. This page serves to get the latest question, to archive the previous questions and answers, or to get the sgf file of the game (including the questions, comments and side notes made by John Fairbairn).
The Big Game 1
Black White
Kudo Norio O Meien
Kudo Norio, 9p O Meien, 9p

If you have a FRAME capable browser (like Netscape or Microsoft Explorer for example) you can click on any of the diagrams below to start studying the game (click on the last diagram if you want the latest question). Each frameset contains the relevant diagram, the answer to the previous question and the question for the next move.

(F1) (F2) (F3) (F4) (F5) (F6) (F7) (F8) (F9) (F10) (F11)

Probably you want to enlarge your browser window horizontally to allow a more convenient viewing of the game.

If you don't have a FRAME capable or ascii browser (like lynx for example) you can either download the SGF file of the game or browse the ascii version of the game. PostScript version of the game so far (including all comments by John Fairbairn)
SGF version of the game

SGF file
(about 50KB)

ASCII version of the game

Ascii version
(about 65KB)

PostScript version, A4 paper

European A4 paper
(17 pages, 90KB)

PostScript version, Letter paper

US Letter paper
(17 pages, 90KB)

Jan van der Steen