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While professionals usually try to play simple and clear sometimes their games turn into a bloodbath for various reasons. These games show some examples.


Mahjong Solitaire:
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Tengen tournament
Sakai Takeshi
O Meien
blackR 241

When i saw this game I was exactly looking for that kind of fight. I saw the famous tsumego on the Denis Feldman page (kill a san san in a square park 9*9 in a corner) I wanted to adapt this tsumego to do a joseki very agressive. Here is the perfect example black build a little amount of influence and start the battle at move 23!!!. White resign after an overwhelming battle (an all-board-large-semai between 7 groups...) where black kill all on his way, we guess that black had a bad breakfast. It's not that current to see a professional going nuts of rage like that :)
(Thomas Cabaret)


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