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It is impossible to defend each and every stone on the board. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something.


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The Games
event black white date result #mn game
Samsung Cup
Choi CheolHan
Luo Xihe
white7.50 293

Should this game be in Bill Kills or the art of sacrifice?
I don't know why this game is not more famous but it's the illustration of the shibori. After black 195 white seems dead and continue the game looks out of question. But white let him die and transforms his death in a big sixty-point shibori to win the game and win large! When we stare at the board the illusion is perfect. White seems late but...
(Thomas Cabaret)

event black white date result #mn game
Ten Best Games
Karigane Jun'ichi
Honinbo Shusai
whiteT 254

Invade the opponents' territory and next sacrifice all these stones again? Yes, it's an option, this game shows you why...

event black white date result #mn game
Honinbo tournament
Sakata Eio
Fujisawa Hideyuki
blackR 127

Sakata sacrificed all the "wall" and killed white. Great "tesuji"!

(Hajime Ozawa)

event black white date result #mn game
Meijin tournament
Sugiuchi Masao
Sakata Eio
whiteR 246

Sakata was not in a good shape in the beginning. After 154 move, each move by white forced next black move from lower left to lower right. Sakata made a lot of suicide moves, but, finally, black stones in the upper side was killed by 186. It is miracle to me, but it might be easy for Sakata.

(Hajime Ozawa)


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