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The 3,3 point patterns
Settling the corner with one move
Pattern [1]

With the 3,3 move (san-san) black settles the corner in one move. This move is thus very suitable in fast-paced openings.

Black's continuations

If black wishes to further develop this corner his choices are either A for large scale development, and B or C for small solid development.

White's continuations

White's usual approach to this corner stone is leisurely with B or more direct with D. Both are discussed below.

Pattern 1
Developing the lower side
Pattern [1.1]

The white 2 approach in this diagram is used when white wants to develop the lower side of the board. If the left side is more valuable white would have approached the black corner from that side instead. After black 3 white will play any of the points A, B or C, depending on the whole board position and especially the situation in the lower-right corner. You are advised to study the professional games to get an understanding of how to choose between these options.

Pattern 1.1
Developing the center
Pattern [1.2]

With 2 white aims to make black low while settling a group in the center. White will choose this variation when the center is more important than either of the sides. White 6 prevents black A. After 7 black likes to continue with B locally so usually white will play C to make that move less attractive.

How to choose the direction of black 3? After black 5 white could play D and close the lower side for black (see the next variation). So usually black 3 is played in the direction of the side which is not interesting for white to develop.

The white 2-4-6 group is not terribly strong, definitely not thickness. Actually it can easily turn out to become a weak group later on in the game.

Pattern 1.2
The lower side is important
Pattern [1.3]

If white wishes to build up the lower side white 6 can be played as in this diagram. After black 7 white usually makes a three point extension along the lower side with either A or B, following the general rule for extensions: the height of the wall plus 1.

Pattern 1.3


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