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6.1 Normal Case (4)

The game has now formally ended under territory rules I, and Dia. 6-1-4 shows the result. Black's score is 32 (52 points of territory minus 20 prisoners). White's score is 33 (43 points of territory minus 10 prisoners). White wins by one point.

Under area rules III, since Black can make the first pass after White 288, the last competitive move is made by White. If the game is then finished as in Dia. 6-1-4, Black's score is 180 and White's is 181. White wins by one point, giving the same result as under territory rules I or traditional territory rules.*

Since the result of the moves after White 288 is obvious, the game can be ended by agreement at White 288. In fact, it is possible to end the game by agreement at White 274.

Dia. 6-1-4
Territory rules I
Black: 52 - 20 = 32
White: 43 - 10 = 33
Area rules III
Black 52 + 128 = 180
White 43 + 138 = 181
Under area rules II and territory rules III White wins by one point as in Dias. 6-1-1 to 6-1-4. Under area rules III and territory rules I, however, White can win by two points by leaving the ko unconnected. Reference Diagram 2 shows one possible sequence.
Reference Diagram 2 (1-26)
ko: 13, 16, 19, 22, 25. pass: 27
Black has just three ko threats left at A, B, and C. White has five ko threats at D to H and two more at I, so he is in no danger of losing the ko. Under area rules III White gets an extra point for making the first pass. Under territory rules I White can leave the ko open and claim a point of territory at 10, or connect the ko after the preliminary end and receive a stone from Black.

This illustrates the point that by rewarding the player who passes first, territory rules I and area rules III introduce a factor of skill that is missing from both traditional territory rules and traditional area rules.



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