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Various professionals and strong amateurs offer online teaching facilities. This is an overview.

Guo Juan

Guo Juan, 5p

Guo Juan from China, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Online games and analysis on IGS and KGS, lessons by E-mail, workshops.


Catalin Taranu

Catalin Taranu, 5p

Catalin Taranu from Romania, living in Nagoya, Japan.
Online games and analysis on IGS and KGS and lessons by E-mail.


Go School

The Go School

The Go-school aims to offer a wide range of affordable Go-lessons on the internet. Teachers are also welcome to join the Go-school.


Fernando Aguilar

Fernando Aguilar, 7d

Fernando Aguilar from Argentina.
Online group and individual lessons with a backup by E-mail for Spanish speaking players.


Ion Florescu

Ion Florescu, 6d

Ion (Mirel) Florescu from Romania.
Online individual and group lessons on KGS, offline game analysis by E-mail.


Dragos Bajenaru

Dragos Bajenaru, 6d

Dragos Bajenaru from Romania.
Online lessons on KGS. Lessons are tailored to the needs of the student with summary points on what they need to learn to improve.


Burzo Cornel

Burzo Cornel, 6d

Burzo Cornel from Romania.
Online games and analysis on IGS and lessons by E-mail.


You want to be listed here as well? Please send an E-mail with a description of your services and an URL for further information.


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