aclat, 6k* versus jansteen, 3d* (1994-04-16)

Figure 3: B 4 -- W 5

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figure 3

o3 invites white to defend his weakness with...
Because white is strong here, he can aim: c3 and/or r3. j4 is what they call a "thick" move. A thick move makes ones own position strong, and aims at various weaknesses later on in the opponents position. aclat 6k : yes :-) jan jansteen 3d*: Now two moves I think: q10 and k16 (variation "san ren-sei" and "nice shape"). aclat 6k : k16 better than q10, which i played :< jansteen 3d*: I prefer k16 myself jansteen 3d*: But q10 is also terrific shape though