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China  tournaments | tianyuan title, 17th edition, 2003  
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450x338, 36kB

2003.03.01 Chang Hao,9p and his wife Zhang Xuan,8p commenting on a game

450x338, 32kB

2003.03.01 Hu Yaoyu on move 8 of his very close loss to Gu Li

320x480, 28kB

2003.03.01 Liu Xing,6p wins against Wang Lei

450x338, 28kB

2003.03.01 Wang Lei,8p playing Liu Xing

450x338, 40kB

2003.02.27 Cao Dayuan,9p ponders White 18 in his game against Wang Lei,8p

450x255, 28kB

2003.03.13 Title match in Wujiang, title holder Huang Yizhong,6p and challenger Gu Li,7p show up in a lucky traditional attire

450x338, 24kB

Kong Jie,7p wins against Fang Zhao,7p (=Fang Jie)

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