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International  tournaments | ing cup, 5th edition, 2004  
Picture overview
350x409, 448kB

Opening ceremony: Chang Hao and Lee ChangHo. O Rissei, Yu Bin and Yamashita Keigo are visible behind them.

450x301, 32kB

Opening ceremony: Left to right, (2nd row) : Rin Kaiho, (Gu Li), Yoda Norimoto, Otake Hideo, (O Rissei), Chang Hao speaking, Lee ChangHo, Lee SeDol, Song TaeKon,...

450x337, 28kB

Ceremony meal: Wu Ching Yuan (Go Seigen) with Mrs. Wu

380x259, 20kB

Ceremony meal: Zhang Xuan and husband Chang Hao

500x375, 60kB

Drawing lots: "Jimmy" Cha Minsoo draws. Zhou Heyang and a close loss it will be.

500x335, 44kB

Drawing lots: Song TaeKon draws Cho U.

500x351, 44kB

Drawing lots: Gu Li finds out he'll face Yamashita Keigo in round 1.

350x454, 44kB

Round 1: Zhou Jun Xun has an easy first round win against Alexander Dinerstein.

450x254, 24kB

Round 1: Gu Li plays Black 5 and will lose this close game to Yamashita.

500x375, 44kB

Round 1: Peng Quan begins his remarkable run with a win over O Rissei.

450x655, 32kB

Round 1: Gu Li.

450x609, 36kB

Round 1: Kong Jie (playing Lee SeDol).

450x254, 24kB

Round 1: Zhou Heyang opposed to Jimmy Cha.

450x610, 40kB

Round 1: Liu Xing beginning his game against Yoo ChangHyuk.

450x246, 28kB

Round 1: Playing room. Notice the beautiful specially built tables, and seats allowing for both Oriental and Occidental sitting fashions.

203x300, 24kB

Round 2: Chang Hao.

293x450, 28kB

Round 2: A beaming Ma Xiaochun will lose to the Korean new strong man Choi CheolHan.

450x293, 32kB

Round 2: Yoo ChangHyuk and Chang Hao, nigiri.

450x299, 36kB

Round 2: Lee ChangHo beats Yamashita Keigo while Choi (back, right) disposes of Ma.

303x450, 28kB

Round 2: A fierce-looking Rin Kaiho.

259x450, 24kB

Round 2: Good humored Otake makes a big smile.

450x293, 32kB

Round 2: Ma Xiao Chun and Choi CheolHan.

242x450, 24kB

Round 2: Kong Jie already deep into his thoughts (playing Rin).

450x614, 40kB

Round 2: With visible stern determination, Chang Hao makes a welcome return to the top (playing Yoo).

450x253, 28kB

Round 2: Yoo ChangHyuk loses to Chang Hao.

450x256, 24kB

Round 2: Peng Quan faces Yoda Norimoto and scores a big win.

450x614, 32kB

Round 2: Ma Xiaochun.

450x252, 28kB

Round 2: Yu Bin and Song TaeKon, in a classical case of mimicking the opponent's attitude. Mane go is instinctive.

450x579, 36kB

Round 2: Lee ChangHo plays White 8 against Yamashita Keigo.

450x249, 28kB

Round 2: Yamashita ponders Black 7.

450x244, 24kB

Round 2: Zhou Heyang and Otake Hideo.

450x318, 24kB

Round 2: Kong Jie about to play Black 7.

350x523, 28kB

Round 2: Let's hope Yoo ChangHyuk will soon come out of the frailty he displays these months.

500x375, 28kB

Round 3: Chang Hao ready to play Kong Jie. Lee ChangHo arrives. A Black reporter on a go event.

500x375, 48kB

Round 3: Kong Jie concentrating.

500x419, 60kB

Round 3: Choi CheolHan already reading sequences.

350x433, 40kB

Round 3: Lee ChangHo plays White 4. Poker-faced as usual.

450x286, 76kB

Round 3: Lee ChangHo and Chang Hao back from lunch break.

200x304, 12kB

Round 3: Peng Quan during his game against Zhou Heyang.

450x292, 84kB

Round 3: Chang Hao and Kong Jie playing.

204x450, 56kB

Round 3: Zhou Heyang tries to focus.

450x620, 32kB

Round 3: Peng Quan thinks hard to beat Zhou.

450x239, 28kB

Round 3: The real surprise of round 3 is Peng's victory over Zhou.

450x255, 28kB

Round 3: Song TaeKon was more expected as a semi-finalist, though the unpredictable O Meien is always a difficult opponent.

450x258, 20kB

Round 3: Beating Lee ChangHo has become a good habit of Choi CheolHan's, this year.

350x467, 28kB

Aftermath: An interview with Otake Hideo.

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